COVID-19 Updates


July 2, 2020



This document will serve as an operational plan for all in-person and small group classes programming during the Covid-19 pandemic.  In our function as a youth education program and administrative offices, YACM will operate in accordance with state and county guidelines for such programs / businesses. 


  1. YACM will provide administrative oversight for coordinating arts education programs both in-office and remotely as necessary.  

  2. YACM will offer in-person private lessons utilizing face coverings,  social distancing, health screening, and sanitation procedures. 

  3. YACM will utilize outdoor garden and patio space whenever possible for lessons and classes.  

  4. YACM will offer remote on-line private and group classes under the following conditions:

    1. Per request from the family

    2. Per request from the instructor

    3. As a Plan-B response to a government initiated business shut-down of educational programs or business offices. 

Program-Related Face Covering Requirements

All persons entering any YACM facility must wear a face covering. 


  1. Piano, String, and Percussion Lessons  In-Person Instrument Lessons 

    1. Instructors will wear face masks or face shields at all times. 

    2. Students will wear face masks or face shields at all times. 

  2. Voice In-Person Lessons

    1. Instructors will wear a face mask or face shield at all times.

    2. Students will wear a face shield at all times

    3. No-one is allowed to leave their used mask or face shield on the premises.

  3. Wind Instruments

    1. In-Person Lessons for Wind Instruments must be conducted outdoors in the shade garden or on the 2nd floor open air deck 

    2. Remote On-line Lessons are recommended for Wind Instrument lessons. 

    3. Wind instrument lessons are currently not allowed inside the facility. 



Updated June 17, 2020


YACM is returning to In-Person Covid - Compliant Lessons and Classes on July 6, 2020.  Lessons and Classes are currently available for private students and small groups. Returning students may re-enroll now by contacting the office at 707-451-7200 or by email at Entrance to the YACM facilities is restricted to staff, students, and instructors scheduled lesson times. All others must have an appointment. 

Surfaces, pianos, instruments, door knobs, handrails etc. will be disinfected throughout the day.

Hand Sanitizer is available in every studio. 

UV Air purifiers are used in every studio. 

Mats will indicate social distancing areas. 

  • All students must have this signed WAIVER on file before commencing their first lesson or class. 

  • Face masks or shields must be worn at all times.

  • Please wait in the parking lot until your instructor texts you clearance to enter the building.

  • Enter only from the front. 

  • Exit only to the back. 

  • Check in at the office where your temperature will be recorded. If your temperature reads 100 degrees or higher you will not be able to attend your lesson. 

  • Classes are limited to under 12 participants. ​​

  • Some Classes will be held in the gardens as possible. 

  • There is no waiting room space available. 

  • Bring your own filled water bottle, as the kitchen and water dispenser are closed.

  • Bathrooms are closed to the public. 

  • Keep your hands from touching surfaces as much as possible.

  • Use hand sanitizer before each lesson and between students.

  • Stay home if you feel ill or are experiencing symptoms. 

  • Anyone suspected of COVID-19 will be removed from YACM programing for 14 days, and those in contact will be notified and recommended to self-isolate for 14 days. 


  • All groups will be limited to under 12 participants at once.

  • Solano Youth Theatre musicals continue to be suspended due to restrictions on class sizes and live performance venues. 

  • Solano Youth Chamber Orchestra is making plans to resume with limitations on member size.  

  • Fuse, Spark, and Flare A Cappella groups will resume this summer with reduced membership, outdoor rehearsals, and face shields required for indoor meetings. 

  • Solano Junior Strings will resume with reduced membership.

  • Suzuki Strings will resume with reduced membership. 

  • All Electives classes are limited to 10 participants. 



Updated April 23, 2020

Due top COVID-19, we are returning calls and inquiries on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am - 1pm. 


Young Artists Conservatory of Music is committed to the physical and emotional health of our community and the region’s youth. Our immediate priority is that all our YACM family and surrounding community are healthy and free from COVID-19.  


YACM is grateful to our Teaching Artists for their continued commitment to teach music and arts to young people under less than ideal circumstances.  They have been volunteering, spending upwards to 4x more time with online interfaces, learning new technology and working to keep the children of YACM inspired and progressing. We also want to extend our deepest gratitude for Joe Hansen and Michael Havens, both USAF Band of the Golden West Musicians, for volunteering to teach master classes in guitar and percussion. 


Private and small group students who have continued through online lessons have learned many new pieces, and explored new ways to think about music and their own musicianship.  Most importantly, teachers report that they are seeing significant increases in independent learning, as students are taking more personal ownership of their practice time and lesson readiness. 



Updated April 24, 2020


Private Lessons, theory Classes, and most small group electives will resume ONLINE

May 1 to complete the season through June 15.  


The YACM leadership is working on facilitating ON-LINE PERFORMANCE opportunities for private lesson CORE-ARTS students.  Please check back or refer to your emails for updated information. 




The development of children matters. We are working to reframe our programs to provide the children of Solano County with experiences that continue to help them recognize and pursue their potential. Now, more than ever, children and youth need to participate in experiences that reduce isolation, overcome anxieties, and develop their cognitive, emotional, and creative capacities.   Every day has experiences that impact the way children understand themselves and the world around them.  


YACM is committed to working with only the most qualified Teaching Artists for the development of children. Because we are highly trained and experienced, we know how to adapt effective learning experiences to ensure children progress. 



Due to COVID-19 private lessons, theory classes, and electives will resume May 1 - June 15 via online remote video ZOOM or FACETIME lessons.  Your instructors are doing their best to accommodate ongoing learning through this crisis.  


Regular lesson and class times are recommended, however changes in student / teacher availability may be necessary.  Please contact your instructor directly to confirm your lesson time. 



Due to COVID-19 regional performance venues and rehearsal spaces are closed until further notice.  

  1. Black Tie - June 7 Cancelled 

  2. Black Tie - July 10 Cancelled / New dates TBD

  3. Melody Makers Recitals - June 8 - 12: In-Person Cancelled

    1. Arrangements are being made for online performances

  4. *West Side Story  - May 8-9 Cancelled

    1. Arrangements are being made for a modified performance once the theatre reopens.

  5. Aladdin - May 2 Postponed for new venue date availabilities

  6. SYCO Spring Performances - Cancelled 



Due to COVID-19 all IN-PERSON regularly scheduled large group classes and rehearsals continue to be postponed or modified due to government mandated social distancing orders.  Venues are also closed making performance commitments impossible at this time. 


Check your email and check back frequently for updates. 

Solano Youth Theatre - Aladdin 

No new rehearsal dates have been established. 

The Musical performance is postponed until a venue date can be established 


*Solano Youth Theatre - West Side Story

No new dates have been established 

The Musical performance is cancelled until further notice.

West Side Story Concert Opera date is TBD.


Solano Youth Chamber Orchestra

No new dates have been established 

Online Video Auditions dates TBD


Music Matters Vallejo 

Cancelled for the remainder of the academic year. 

FUSE A Cappella

Remote collaboration opportunities are being reviewed 

No new dates have been established 

Online Video Auditions dates for next season - coming soon


SPARK A Cappella 

Remote collaboration opportunities are being reviewed 

No new dates have been established 

Online Video Auditions dates coming soon

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