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LITTLE Arts for 4 - 5 Year Olds

Now is the best time to make the most of your child's natural musical potential.  Children at the age of 4-5 can follow direction, are eager to please, and are naturally orientated to rhythm and tone.  Begin their musical development by training brain function necessary to manage complex sensory input.  Private lessons are fun and focused on your child's unique personality and potential. 

Little Arts Private Lessons

  • $145.00 mo. + Annual Membership Fee

  • Weekly 30-minute lessons with instructor's undivided attention 

  • Fundamentals of Music 

  • Singing, Movement, Piano, Percussion, Strings

  • Assessments and readiness for advancement to CORE Arts

  • Taught by Select YACM Teaching Artists

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Little Arts Trial Lesson

Use this Interest Form. Our Admissions Representative will contact you.

Getting Started at YACM in Little Arts

  • No audition Required.  All Levels Welcome.Recommended for Ages 6 and up.

  • Plan your visit by scheduling a FREE Trial Lesson using the link provided.

  • Instrumentalists must have a sufficient quality instrument for daily practice.

  • Following your Trial Lesson, we will confirm your weekly schedule once registration and program fees are provided. 

  • Receive your welcome packet and season calendar for electives, and performances. 

  • Plan your child's daily practice schedule.