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LITTLE Arts for 4 - 5 Year Olds

Now is the best time to make the most of your child's natural musical potential.  Children at the age of 4-5 can follow direction, are eager to please, and are naturally orientated to rhythm and tone.  Begin their musical development by training brain function necessary to manage complex sensory input.  Private lessons are fun and focused on your child's unique personality and potential. 

Private General Music

  • Weekly 30-minute lessons with instructor's undivided attention 

  • Fundamentals of Music 

  • Singing, Movement, Piano, Percussion, Strings

  • Assessments and readiness for advancement to CORE Arts

  • Taught by Elena Gomez and Kimmi Wang


Suzuki Violin for 3 - 10  Year Olds

The Suzuki method is grounded in the reality that your child is very musical.  This musical beginning accesses your child's ability to hear and reproduce music while focusing on violin technique with our certified instructor. Your child will begin learning violin in a class with other students and perform together at the end of the session.  

Group Classes or Privates

  • Fill out our interest form above for upcoming Class Schedule

  • Student must have a correctly sized violin

  • Parent participation required for younger ages.

  • Class Sizes are limited.

  • Instructor:  Elena Gomez

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Elective and Enrichment Courses

Elective and enrichment classes offer learning opportunities for those who wish to explore an instrument, their voice or advance their understanding of music, composition, and other applications. While many courses are available to beginners, other classes may require prerequisites for entrance.  Fees from $192 + Registration $25

Music In-Person or Online Groups 8 Wk Classes 

  • Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Piano, Percussion, General Music

  • Singing classes on hold due to Covid. 

  • Enroll Here


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