Children who participate in 2 or more hours a week of standardized quality music education at school 

Are 12% more likely to graduate high school

Score 17%-33% higher in Math and Science

Have 15% higher school attendance

Score average of 100 points higher on SATs

68% More likely to complete college

More likely to vote 

Less likely to abuse mind altering substances

Music Matters at School

A Division of Young Artists Conservatory of Music

Music Matters offers band, strings, guitar, choir classes in schools.  We offer music education classes for schools where none exist and music enrichment classes / clubs for schools that wish to supplement curriculum.


What is Quality Music Education? 

  • Class Learning:  2 or More Classes a Week

  • Smaller Band / Orchestra Sizes for Younger Children

  • Private or Sectional Classes to Enhance Individual Learning

  • Standardized Curriculum and Learning Goals

  • Community Performances 

  • Home Practice Accountability Support

  • Opportunities for Recognition 

  • Children Advance and Continue in Music Programs

Contact Us for For Information On Classes for Your School

Funding Partners for Music Matters Vallejo

Thanks to the generous contributions from these fine foundations and organizations, YACM provides music education throughout the Vallejo School District for over 1300 young people attending at-risk schools. 


500 Davis St.

Vacaville, CA 95688


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