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Charlie Brown Christmas is a Smash Hit

Jan 1, 2023

Holiday Harmonies brings out the True Meaning of Christmas

Under the inventive direction of Jennifer Daugavietes, Solano Youth Theatre (A division of YACM) presented A Charlie Brown Christmas over 2 nights to sold out audience. Miss Jen, brought to life her vision for bringing the comedic and heartfelt american tradiition to life. Following a 1 hour perfomance of YACM students performing a recital, the cast of Charlie Brown, rollerskated throughout the audience singing "Christmas Time is Here" accompanied by a Jazz Trio led by Willam Comer. Near the end, Charlie Sanchez, playing the part of a "real wooden tree", dropped pine needles and tilted to the weight of ornements. In uplifting Charlie Brown fashion, our little wooden tree (Charlie Sanchez) was celebrated during a performance of "Hark the Herald Sing" by the cast, (music director, Megan Albidress) while his christmas lights twinkled proudly in their midst.

Ryan Lee performed the role of Charlie Brown and led with the confused, angsty, and warm-hearted spirit of the Charlie Brown we all grew up loving. Lucy was played by Claire Mikkelson who captured the complexity of Lucy's selfishness and wisdom, and she was great, "I'll give you 5 reasons, Charlie Brown". Schroeder (Thomas Armstrong) performed (with the help of pianist William Comer), his boogie woogie (Linus an Lucy), and tried to get Lucy to appreciate a little Beethoven. Snoopy, played by Andy Lee danced his way into our hearts while pranking the befuddled Charlie Brown, looking for the meaing of Christmas. And it was Jonah Daugagietis as Linus who delivered that monolouge, reminding us all of the "True Meaning of Christmas", Peace on Earth, Good Will to All Men!

Young Artists Conservatory of Music
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