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Young Artists Conservatory of Music receives operational funding to support education and performances for 1800 youth annually. 

Living Arts for the Art of Living

At YACM, we believe learning a performing art is much than performing.  Everyday our team trains young people to pursue their potential. We know everyone is born with the potential to express themselves with intellect, creativity, and empathy. Today more than ever, the arts have the power to develop human well-being in way that empowers personal excellence, resilience, critical thinking, and healthy self-confidence.  

Your donation does much more than support the Performing Arts.  At YACM, your donation enables the LIVING  ARTS.  When over the course of several years, a child learns to decode music, recognize and appreciate beauty, express himself with significance and meaning, and invite the contributions of others that child is thriving in the ART of LIVING. 

Grantors, Sponsors, Partners

YACM Welcomes New Legacy Level Donors in 2019

Wanda Cook - Platinum

Caddis Eye Appliances - Gold

Omidyar Group - Gold

Jason Marcus - Silver 

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Education Members Join Donors in Diverse Programing

Families who enroll in the following programs become charitable donors through payment of their Registration Membership Fees. We welcome our Education Members in the following music training programs at YACM.

Solano Music Conservatory CORE ARTS Program

Solano Music Conservatory Solano Youth Chamber Orchestra

Solano Music Conservatory Fuse A cappella Chorus

Solano Music Conservatory Spark A cappella Chorus

Solano Music Conservatory TnT Rock Band

Solano Music Conservatory Solano Junior Strings

Solano Youth Theatre MainStage 

Solano Music Conservatory Munchkin

Music Matters Vallejo  Public School Enrichment

YACM aims to train the most musically proficient and well-rounded successful young people in the region.

Founded in 2005 from a 70 student music studio,  the Young Artists Conservatory of Music (YACM) under the artistic direction of Wanda Cook, now oversees 3 Divisions of multiple programs with over 1800 student artists a year from all over Solano County. YACM offers entry level to advanced musical education and presents more than 30 performance events a year.  


We believe what studies have now proven:  that is every child is born musically talented, but not every child has the opportunity to explore their great potential.  YACM exists to bring some of the best music educators and directors to inspire young people to recognize and pursue their creative potential.  


Through time-honored traditions our music programs are designed to bridge music, academic, and emotional growth by teaching musical skill, social ethics and problem-solving. In doing so, YACM students have shown to gain LISTENING SKILLS, FOCUS, RESILIENCE, TEAMWORK, SELF-CONFIDENCE.  


As a Solano based non-profit, YACM aims to reach across an broad demographic spectrum of youth to cultivate musical talent, promote a love for music, advance community, and increase the capacity for a lifetime of success. Participation in YACM is powerful and enriching experience. It helps to develop well-rounded, confident students with impressive resume’s and contributes to rewards in college and career. Many alumni go on to study and contribute as professional musicians. Many alumni continue their music in some fashion while successfully pursuing other careers. 


Most importantly, YACM is a community of like-minded donors, families and young artist musicians, vocalists and actors who value the camaraderie, value-based friendships and accumulate memories and skills to last a lifetime. 

The MISSION of Solano Arts and Community Development Association is to develop the potential of young people and our community by supporting programs that bring inspiration, commitment, and continued investment in the arts to the people of Solano County.


Families, donors, businesses and community leaders who contribute to SA-CDA support YACM as a non-profit public benefit organization, and share in a commitment to inspire others and invest in the values that accelerate human development and social cohesion. 

Membership in Solano Arts and Community Development Association (SA-CDA) is tax deductible and provides you with privileges, event participation, and acknowledgments as you join us to empower excellence in the arts throughout Solano County. 

500 Davis St.

Vacaville, CA 95688


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