SMC Student Recognition: Trey Maio

Trey Maio began studying music last fall at Suisun Valley School, where he attended an Introduction to Music taught by Music Matters instructor Rich Crocket. Trey enjoyed Mr. Crocket’s class, especially when they played musical chairs.

Trey decided to enroll as a piano student with the Conservatory after his Music Matters at his local school was forced to close by the teacher's union. Trey traveled all the way from Napa to Vacaville for his weekly piano lessons.

Ms. Richmond, Trey’s piano instructor, noticed how Trey’s background in Music Matters had contributed to his early success with the piano. “He was well prepared for piano lessons because of his foundation from Music Matters,

Ms. Richmond said. “Trey already had a great understanding of the grand staff, time signatures, note reading and rhythm.” Trey excelled very quickly. Within one year, he had completed the Primary and Beginner A curriculum and had moved to the Beginner B level by the time of the June recital.

Trey played “American Patrol” and the “Caisson Song” for his recital pieces. After delivering a successful performance, Trey said he felt good because he could play long, two-page pieces, and that accomplishment made him feel proud.

Ms. Richmond says that Trey has an exceptional work ethic, which includes practicing 5-6 days a week for 20-40 minutes per session. He comes to his lesson prepared and is able to play the assigned music well. Oftentimes, Trey finds it within himself to go above and beyond, learning additional pieces that were not assigned.

At 8 years old, Trey said he likes taking piano lessons because of the way the notes sound. “I like the feeling of the different songs. Some are happy, some are smooth; I like playing triads and other chords.”

Trey’s response to what he likes most about playing the piano, “I like making my fingers dance on the keys.”

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