The King And I Postponed, Peter Pan Takes Flight

Our Artistic Director Wanda Cook has postponed the production of the King and I. In its place the Solano Youth Theater will produce the beloved and classic musical, Peter Pan.

Wanda met with the Solano Youth Theatre production team on Monday to review the great success of Beauty and the Beast, and to discuss plans for the spring production of the King and I.

A leading principle of the Young Artists Conservatory of Music is to produce meaningful outcomes in the arts for children in a potential achieving environment. This begins with a sober assessment of the developmental stage of our artists.

To challenge children to pursue a goal that is beyond reach sets them up for failure. This is something the Young Artists Conservatory of Music would never intentionally do.

In recent weeks the production team has had the opportunity to review of the King and I in terms of its artistic challenges. They determined that this production requires a level of emotional and artistic development that may be beyond the reach of many of our performers.

We are successful when our production honors our performers and encourages them to continue to invest in the hard work that leads to their development as artists and people.

The production team agreed that given time to recruit more young adults the Solano Youth Theatre could successfully present the King and I in way that honors our artists. A production of the King and I will therefore be postponed until our performers can be appropriately supporedt for success.

When discussion turned to an alternative production to pursue this spring, the team unanimously and enthusiastically recommended, Peter Pan. The fantasy setting, the memorable songs, and the child-affirming theme are perfect for our current troupe.

Wanda has acquired the license to produce the show and she has already generated wonderful ideas for surprising interpretations of the story that will allow the Solano Youth Theatre to present a fresh interpretation of this timeless classic.

We look forward to the great fun of another successful production by the Solano Youth Theatre! Kevin Phillips

Director of Development

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