SYT Update

For the past several years YACM has sponsored the Solano Youth Theatre (SYT). SYT inspires children and youth. They develop skills in voice, drama and dance. Along the way they learn self-confidence, assertiveness, and the ability to listen. Students learn to communicate directly and respectfully with peers and adults as they gain confidence on stage.

Unfortunately, YACM will be postponing the launch of its next season until sufficient funding has been raised to sponsor the next performance.

YACM produces all performances with high production values consistent with our mission to instill in children and youth the habits and disciplines of excellence.

SYT is not a self-sustaining enterprise. YACM subsidizes each performance with thousands of dollars. This is not made up in tuition and ticket sales. In the past the Board of Directors has endorsed this investment in the hope that SYT would attract patrons who would support the program with their presence at performances as well as with financial contributions.

Despite several years of investment, SYT patrons have not stepped forward. The Board of Directors are no longer able to endorse the amount of money YACM has invested in SYT in the past.

In May the Artistic Director began to communicate that YACM would not stage the next performance until the SYT community had raised $20,000 to fund the program and had recruited 40 student artists to perform. Despite YACM's attempt to raise awareness of this need and to encourage action on the part of the SYT community, the goal has not yet been met.

Action taken by YACM leadership has included:

1. The creation of flyers and enrollment forms for distribution by the YACM community to drive enrollment and support. 2. A call for volunteers to help lead the SYT development effort. 3. The assigning of YACM staff to provide the SYT community with tools to find the funding needed to support this season and development goals. 4. The creation of a Gofundme account for the SYT community. 5. Updating of the SYT website with information and a call to action. 6. An email campaign to STY families with an invitation to respond to the challenge. 7. Regular updates on the SYT Facebook page. 8. The visitation of schools in Vacaville where hundreds of children were invited to participate in SYT. 9. The hosting of an Enrollment Fair promoting all YACM programs. 10. The redirection of a $1,000 contribution to the YACM general fund to SYT.

YACM's commitment to sponsor SYT remains. The next season will begin as soon as the SYT community has raised the $20,000 needed to fund a performance. YACM's leadership is ready to support and resource volunteers from the SYT community whose resolve for the goal matches their passion for the program. This will be demonstrated by their willingness to commit their time to development planning and active fundraising in the region. To volunteer for this effort please contact: Christine Brockman.

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