Announcing Solano Arts and Community Development Association

As many of you know, I am the founder and Artistic Director of a non-profit organization in Solano County. Young Artists Conservatory of Music (YACM) was founded on the conviction that the arts are humanity’s greatest means for personal development and social connectedness. For 12 years our leadership has enabled the benefit of meaningful arts education in the lives of thousands of children and their families. From explorative experiences to comprehensive achievement, YACM mobilizes HOPE, develops ABILITY, and empowers POTENTIAL in our youth and our community.

Over the past few months I have interviewed community leaders, stakeholders, and families to determine if YACM is doing all it can to fulfill its potential, and how we as a community can pursue our potential. My research has uncovered three risks to our youth that stand in the way of our potential: 1) Lack of community as expressed in cross-generational mentorship, 2) Growing dependency on technology which is undermining natural development, 3) Lack of cognitive and emotional resiliency resulting in the inability to develop genuine self-esteem.

With these three risk factors undermining the potential of our young people, we have a greater understanding of the power of the performing arts in human development and social cohesion. Through arts education, young people are mentored and inspired by teachers and directors who are invested in their development. Through the arts, young people spend more time with instruments, practice, rehearsals, and performances than with smart phones, video games, and social media. Through the arts, young people develop the ability to overcome difficulty and challenges resulting producing genuine self-esteem.

Under my leadership, the YACM Board of Directors has re-organized YACM’s funding model to reflect a change in our newly adopted Strategic Development Plan. The plan, “Solano Arts – Inspire, Commit, Invest” will provide us with programing priorities that confront and remove the risks to the potential of our community. Our priorities will now target three basic functions:

To Inspire

By bringing the highest caliber professional artists to inspire us to recognize and pursue its our potential throughout Solano County.

To Commit

By enhancing and developing more dynamic programing, facilities, and venues by which young people, families, and community can experience the advantages of the arts and unlock their potential.

To Invest

To secure a broad-based member supported organization with sustaining contributions to build the most significant performing arts and music development organization in the region.

In support of YACM’s strategic development plan, (SA-ICI), I am pleased to announce the formation of Solano Arts and Community Development Association (SA-CDA). SA-CDA is a YACM Membership Foundation and will provide funding for YACM operations in Solano County. The mission of SA-CDA is to develop the potential of young people and our community through supporting programs that bring inspiration, commitment, and continued investment in the arts to the people of Solano County.

Through this broad-based membership association, YACM will address the challenges to our youth and bring the adult community together to enjoy the value of a strong arts culture throughout Solano County. SA-CDA invites membership at four different levels and provides exquisite networking, social experiences, inspiration, and educational privileges for its members. SA-CDA reconciles industry competition, disrupts the burden of tuition, integrates community, and creates meaningful experiences.

You are invited to learn more, join, and form the most dynamic community association for significant change in Solano. Join our vision to ensure Solano becomes known for its culture and excellence in the performing arts.

Now Accepting:

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