How Music Lessons Make Musicians

What is a Conservatory of Music and How Are We Different? “A More than Lessons” Program

Conservatory music instructors know that music lessons don’t work! Yep, that’s right. Lessons don’t make musicians! Conservatory instructors have dedicated their lives to the fact that a 30-minute private lesson once a week for 10 years cannot produce a confident musician.

"No one can achieve success at anything by doing it 30 minutes a week. Success requires more, much more."

What Makes a Music Conservatory Different?

A music conservatory is filled with Teaching Artists that come together to provide a “more than lessons” program. A music conservatory is different because it houses Teaching Artists who know how to curate the emotional, cognitive, and social disciplines required to make music lessons work. The whole of the child student is represented by their emotional, cognitive, and social disciplines. These disciplines are developed through 5 KEY Areas of personal growth required for human success:

  1. Intentional Listening and Communication

  2. Elongated Ability to Focus

  3. Resilience and Adaptability in the Face of Challenge

  4. Empathy and Team Work

  5. Self-Confidence

“With the development of the whole child’s 5 Key Areas of personal growth, Music Lessons WILL Work.”

Families who choose to enroll their child in Young Artist Conservatory of Music provide them with “More than Lessons”. A real conservatory music education is comprehensive in 7 Layers of Interaction.

  • Private Lessons

  • Daily Practical Practice Support

  • Music Theory Education

  • Standards, Goals, and Assessments

  • Peer Acknowledgment and Community Engagement

  • Strategic Performance Training

  • Master Classes, Intensives, and Enrichment Opportunities

A conservatory education is different because the 7 Comprehensive Layers provide an experience that curates the 5-Key Areas of Human Development responsible for building confident and creative musicianship.

“Young Artists Conservatory of Music works with qualified Teaching Artists and parents in a comprehensive and strategic learning program offering the greatest opportunity for the development of creative and confident musicianship."

Attend the Music Education Fair on Sept 14 at 3pm and learn more. RSVP

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