Suzuki Violin Class

Classes are designed for beginning violin students and requires each student to have an appropriately sized violin.

The Suzuki method is grounded in the reality that your child is very musical.  This musical beginning accesses your child's ability to hear and reproduce music while focusing on violin technique with our certified instructor. Your child will begin learning violin in a class with other students and perform together at the end of the session.  

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Instructor:  Elena Gomez Ladron de Guevara

FALL 2021 August 23 - December 17

CORE-Arts Members: $35 mo | Non-CORE Arts Members $380 + $50 Registration Fee

Perform December 16 at Vacaville Performing. Arts Theatre

Each child must have an appropriately sized violin and bow. Violins may be rented at Watermelon Music in Davis, Live Music in Vacaville, Ifshin Violin in El Cerrito.  


Every child is musical and can learn to enjoy playing music. With parent involvement and instruction that taps into the young learners innate musicianship children can begin sooner and progress faster. The Suzuki approach creates an environment filled with music to develop young ears and young fingers even before reading music becomes effective. 

Selected repertoire is used to create a progression that introduces techniques and skills in a logical way. Each piece requires only a few new skills, yet reinforces those previously learned. By teaching technique through pieces that are enjoyable to play rather than repetitive exercises, young children enjoy the process of learning.

Although Suzuki students are known for their group performances, students are encouraged to enroll in weekly private lessons which is at the heart of musical progress. Teachers tailor each lesson to the unique needs of the student. Special challenges receive special attention. As no two students learn in exactly the same way, teachers enjoy finding ways to reach each individual, and bring out his or her natural ability.

Daily practice is necessary in order to progress. The speed of learning is directly correlated to the duration and quality of practice. Parents play a crucial role in the development of this daily discipline, offering corrections, and moral support. This is an opportunity to make learning enjoyable for your child. 

Group classes are eagerly anticipated because they are fun and motivational. They also provide valuable opportunities to develop ensemble skills, play with peers and experience the thrill of performing for an audience.

The Suzuki method provides a unique opportunity for parents to encourage and help their children to grow into well-rounded, confident individuals. The Suzuki experience creates bonds between parent, child and teacher that will last a lifetime. As Dr. Suzuki has proven time and again, given a nurturing environment, any child can learn to play a string instrument.