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Thomas Molina

Trumpet Instructor, Music Matters Band Director

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Thomas Molina was born in Fairfield, grew up in Vacaville and has been performing music professionally in the area since 2003.

Playing in NorCal and North Bay Honor bands throughout middle school and high school before graduating from Will C. Wood in 2005. After studying trumpet under North Texas State University Graduate and Yamaha Recording Artist Rocky Winslow at Chico State University,, Thomas was awarded a substantial scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2010.

In 2014, Thomas graduated from Berklee with a Bachelors in professional Music with an emphasis in education. After graduating, Thomas returned to Vacaville to pursue a career in Special Education where he worked in various facilities and age groups before leaving in 2017 to begin a career as a music educator. Currently, he is the Brass instructor and Director of the Winds Ensemble at Valle Vibes Orchestra in Sonoma, and leader of a performance collective based in Solano County.

As a graduate with a Bachelors in Music from Berklee, Thomas was required to complete 4 years of brass instruction and two years each of vocal instruction, harmony, composition and education coursework. This wide ranging experiential background helps aspiring musicians of all ages and skill levels achieve an understanding of their voice or instrument in the context of harmony and literacy in music notation.. Additionally, his 4 years working in public schools in special ed classrooms and running his own Classrooms for two years has given him the necessary experience to create a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning in a group or individual setting.

Trumpet/ Brass, Voice, Beginning Piano, Audition Prep, Home Studio, Tonal Harmony, Jazz/Pop Theory, Composition and Songwriting.

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Young Artists Conservatory of Music
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