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Young Artists Conservatory of Music | Formal Music Training in Solano County


Formal Music Training in Solano County
Young Artists Conservatory of Music | Formal Music Training in Solano County


Our non-profit mission is dedicated to transforming your child through the power of expert instructors in a conservatory setting. The cost of lessons and classes are program based rather than on a per appointment basis. The nature of YACM's program is rooted in daily home practice, preparation for private lessons, attendance at ensembles and striving in performances.  We sincerely believe that the discipline, resilience and community engagement your child will receive from a formal music education is foundational to the self-confidence they will enjoy as developing musicians.

Membership Fees | $75, $150 Annually

Our program is based in annual membership.  Through memberships you bundle your child's music education into a comprehensive program with other students. Your Membership may be be tax-deductible because you are contributing to the capacity of YACM in community. 


Tuition is by semester.  Your tuition is due in full upon enrollment. You may enroll at anytime and your tuition will be pro-rated for the current semester.​ The table below is not visible via a mobile device.  To review the tuition rates please click on  "Tuition PDF" Button here

Private Learning
Group Learning
Annual Tuition
Late Interm. - Professional
60-Minute Weekly Lesson
Beg.- Early Interm.
30 Minute Weekly Lesson
Ages 6 - 18.5 CORE-Arts 60
Late Interm. to Pre-Prof.
60-Minute Weekly Lesson
3 Weekly Groups: Ensemble & Weekly Musicianship Class
Ages 6 - 18.5 CORE-Arts 30
Primary to Early Interm.
30-Minute Weekly Lesson
60-Minute Weekly Ensemble & 60-Minutes Weekly Musicianship Class
Ages 4-5 Little Arts
30-Minute Weekly Lesson
45-Minute Weekly Class

The YACM curriculum includes 6 components of learning:  Private Lessons, Ensemble Class, Theory and Musicianship Class, Musical Parenting Support, Assessments, and Performances.  YACM students experience an immersive program that instills the values associated with developing musicianship in children and teens.  We work with parents to support a positive learning and at-home practice experience to unlock each young artists’ hidden potential.


Admission to YACM is available to new beginners as well as transfer students.  To inquire for admissions, fill out the interest form, and our admissions representative will contact you for a consultation.

Young Artists Conservatory of Music
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