Private Lessons plus

Comprehensive Learning

We provide a distinctive pre-college after-school music program in the classical learning tradition.  


We have expert teaching artists who work together to offer our student members private lessons integrated with an immersive program of electives, music theory, ensembles, assessments, and regular performances.  

CORE Arts makes musicianship a part of your child's CORE being. 


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We Offer Private Lessons for Ages 6 and Up.







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At the CORE of every human being are the things they desire. Children are born musical and have the greatest capacity to develop creativity, confidence and musicianship. 


YACM was founded on the understanding that cultivating a desire to practice or study new skills, a desire to embrace new challenges, and a desire to perform with confidence is at the CORE of healthy human development. CORE Arts helps your child recognize and unlock his potential.

Because, musicianship is a comprehensive experience.

  1. Proprietary Daily Practice Guide

  2. Weekly 30, 45, or 60 minute private lessons

  3. Weekly Private Lesson plus Weekly 60 minute Music Theory or Elective Class

  4. Annual goals, assessments, and awards

  5. Performances throughout the year. 

  6. Ensembles and group rehearsals / performances

  7. Master classes, guest artists, and enrichment classes

Because, Teaching Artists have degrees, credentials, and experience.

  1. We have the reach and reputation to bring highly qualified instructors to your child.

  2. We require a formal education and a personal history of advancing student skills of all our Teaching Artists.

  3. We make the challenge of learning music successful by teaching children HOW to practice. Children learn to read music, overcome difficulties, and gain confidence. 

  4. We share a commitment to written music, technical training, and emotive performances.

  5. We love kids and remember what it was like being a young music student.

Because, your child deserves to be skilled, creative, and confident.

  1. Children learn to read music while using their ear to play their instrument or sing.

  2. Learning classical music broadens early skills and makes POP / ROCK easy and fun.

  3. Music theory gives children the tools they need to understand what they are playing or singing so they can play or sing with greater skill and confidence.

  4. Learning to sightread and improvise music empowers personal artistry and joyful musicianship.

  5. Children who grow up performing in the classical tradition build confidence and engage others with grace and poise.

  6. YACM kids grow in confidence as they study, rehearse, and perform with their friends. 

Getting Started at YACM in CORE Arts

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  • No audition Required.  All Levels Welcome.Recommended for Ages 6 and up.

  • Plan your visit by scheduling a FREE Trial Lesson using the link provided.

  • Instrumentalists must have a sufficient quality instrument for daily practice.

  • Following your Trial Lesson, we will confirm your weekly schedule once registration and program fees are provided. 

  • Receive your welcome packet and season calendar for electives, and performances. 

  • Plan your child's daily practice schedule.

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Historic Downtown Vacaville

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MON - THU 9:30am  - 6:00pm 

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