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Young Artists Conservatory of Music | Music Training in Solano County


Young Artists Conservatory of Music (YACM) was founded as a non-profit charity in April 2005 by long time piano instructor Wanda Cook.  Cook moved to Vacaville in 1995 bringing with her 3 generations of music educators and the belief that quality music education is transformative in the lives the children.  After building a private music studio in her home of over 70 students, Cook wanted to bring the positive effects of music education to as many young people as possible.

Today, by partnering with donors and esteemed faculty members, YACM is the largest, most respected pre-college music education organization in the North Bay Region. From 2005 – 2020, YACM expanded to 4 divisions reaching young people from a broad demographic advancing the positive effects of quality music education. In 2010 YACM adopted Solano Youth Theatre© and Founded Music Matters in the Public Schools. Music Matters© brings music to schools throughout Vallejo and Fairfield Unified School Districts. 


In 2013 YACM released its Music Therapy Division under the supervision of board-certified Music Therapist, Brianna McCulloch. By 2014, Solano Youth Chamber Orchestra© became the only regional youth orchestra to perform professional works. The Black-Tie Gala Annual Concert has featured the regions’ most skilled youth in concert performance. Solano Music Conservatory© became home to students cultivating their skills in private lessons, musicianship classes and ensembles, such as TnT Rock Band, Smolder Jazz Band, and Fuse Capella Chorus.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, YACM reframed its programs to address a continuum of education: Little Arts for ages 4-5 years, CORE-Arts for children 6 years and older, and Pro-Arts gives families who wish to pursue more educational opportunities.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, YACM remains more committed than ever to the value of formal music training in the healthy development of children. Today, the YACM program is intentional about incorporating the 5 Core Domains of Human Development uncovered by founder, Wanda Cook into each program it offers.  The Inner-Arts© program aims to combine decades of faculty experience, and the 5 Core Domains, with the growing body of research that shows a convincing correlation between formal music training and successful human development.

At YACM, we invest in the unlimited potential of Solano County youth through formal training that includes lessons, classes, and performances, because every child deserves the opportunity to benefit from quality music education.

Young Artists Conservatory of Music | Music Training in Solano County


  • YACM programs grow with your child's level commitment.

  • YACM programs provide a structured path to learning success.

  • We combine the latest research about the benefits of quality music education with the traditions of formal  learning. 

  • YACM students build life-long friendships through memorable shared experiences.

  • From receiving a certificate for a performance to receiving a medal, YACM recognizes achievement at every stage

  • YACM provides your family a place for the arts through membership privileges, frequent performances, and cultural resources.  

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Get to know our qualified instructors and dedicated staff members here.



  • Kevin Phillips, President 

  • Mario Valadez, Acting Treasurer 

  • Jason Marcus, Secretary 

  • Christine Brockman 

  • Matthew Thomas 

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  • What is a Music Conservatory?
    A music conservatory is a place that offers an immersive experience for the training in practical music. At YACM, we offer formal training with ensembles, performances, private lessons, and composition for children whose families want them to experience the power of confident musicianship.
  • What is a Formal Training?
    Formal Training in music refers to a comprehensive education program that teaches students correct technique, music theory, ear training, sight-reading, musical notation, composition, confidence in performance, and ensemble experiences utilizing multiple styles of music including classical, jazz, folk, and contemporary music.
  • What Is a “Tuition Subsidy”?
    As a non-profit organization, YACM receives contributed funds which are used to reduce or eliminate the cost of participating in music education programs. Most YACM students receive automatic scholarship funding from $800 annually to 100% funding depending upon the program.
Young Artists Conservatory of Music
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