Young Artists Conservatory of Music | Music Training in Solano County


Young Artists Conservatory of Music (YACM) was founded in April 2005 by long time piano instructor Wanda Cook. After building a private music studio in her living room and garage, of over 70 students, Cook wanted to bring the positive effects of music education to as many youths as possible.


Today YACM is the largest, most respected pre-college arts education organization in the North Bay Region. Under the leadership of Cook, YACM produces over 60 live music events a year. In 2010 YACM adopted Solano Youth Theatre and Founded Music Matters in the Public Schools. By 2014, Solano Youth Chamber Orchestra became the only regional youth orchestra to perform professional works. The Black Tie Gala Annual Concert features the regions’ most skilled youth. YACM cultivates musical talent and nurtures creative, confident and resilient young people while promoting regional participation in the arts.


We invest in the unlimited potential of youth through private lessons, classes, and performances. We also offer quality music instruction in schools through our Music Matters program.

Young Artists Conservatory of Music | Music Training in Solano County


  • Our programs grow with your child's level commitment.

  • Our students learn to read music well while developing an ear to play and sing. 

  • Our classical music instruction broadens skills making other genres easy and fun. 

  • Music theory helps children understand their music  so they perform with greater skill and confidence. 

  • Children learn to sightread and improvise which increases enjoyment and helps develop a personal musical style. 

  • YACM students have fun attending music classes with friends where they play and sing together. 

  • Performing in the classical tradition builds confidence and develops grace and poise. 

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  • Kevin Phillips, President 

  • Ivan Jones, Treasurer 

  • Jason Marcus, Secretary 

  • Christine Brockman 

  • Matthew Thomas 

  • Andria Whittet 

  • Tom Davies 

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Young Artists Conservatory of Music