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Donor Supported NonProfit Music Programs

Providing Exceptional Classical Training 

Bringing Music into the Public Schools

Providing Scholarships for Every Student

Why Donate to YACM?

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in the Performing Arts, Young Artists Conservatory of Music help children "Grow Musical with the result of "Growing Well". 


Our programs are designed to inspire children throughout our region to recognize and pursue their potential.  By instilling the habits and disciplines of excellence, arts education at YACM cultivates  5 key domains of human development:  Listening Skills, Focus, Resilience, Teamwork, Self-Confidence.  Whether in private lessons, group rehearsals, or performance,YACM's exceptional faculty mentor students so they can excel in their music and excel in life. This nonprofit, community organization is a unique gift to our region.


Your donation ensures young people have the resources they need to recognize and reach their creative potential. Donate today so that we may continue to create meaningful music programs for the young at art! 

  • YACM brings youth into mentoring relationships with esteemed teaching artists. Your contribution supports an average annual scholarship of $800.00 per private student. 

  • Our public-school programs are funded through grants that recognize the value of music education in the success and well-being of children.  

  • Sponsors for Solano Youth Theatre, Solano Youth Chamber Orchestra and the Festival Symphony Orchestra associates your business with the prestige of distinguished performing arts events in community.  

Donations to Young Artist Conservatory of Music or its subsidiary, Solano Arts and Community Development Association are charitable contributions. Young Artists Conservatory of Music is a 501c3 non-profit organization. EIN 20-2734913 

Thank you to our valued Grantors, Sponsors & Partners!

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Individual Donors

  • The Cook Family

  • The Phillips Family

  • The Halbach Family

  • The Enriquez-Chuang Family

  • The Peterson Family



  • What is a Music Conservatory?
    A music conservatory is a place that offers an immersive experience for the training in practical music. At YACM, we offer formal training with ensembles, performances, private lessons, and composition for children whose families want them to experience the power of confident musicianship.
  • What is a Formal Training?
    Formal Training in music refers to a comprehensive education program that teaches students correct technique, music theory, ear training, sight-reading, musical notation, composition, confidence in performance, and ensemble experiences utilizing multiple styles of music including classical, jazz, folk, and contemporary music.
  • What Is a “Tuition Subsidy”?
    As a non-profit organization, YACM receives contributed funds which are used to reduce or eliminate the cost of participating in music education programs. Most YACM students receive automatic scholarship funding from $800 annually to 100% funding depending upon the program.
Young Artists Conservatory of Music
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