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Genentech Donates to The Arts at YACM


Nov 15, 2021

Genentech Ensures the Arts Endure

YACM is a grateful and proud recipient of significant grant funding through the Genentech Community Grant Program. Thanks to Genentech, YACM has been able to bring arts eduction to families through out Solano County who are faced with systemic risk factors that prevent them from participating in the arts. Two grants from Genentech have provided resources to keep arts assessable during Covid, while helping to place arts classes in addiction treatment facilities focused on family reunification, and we opened band classes in 5 Fairfield public schools.

Science proves that the arts stimulate creativity, imagination, critical thinking and resilience in children. "It is the heart of an artist, that empowers the mind of a scientist"... Wanda Cook

Young Artists Conservatory of Music
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