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YACM Alumni Returns to Teach!

Wanda Cook

Sep 4, 2022

Megan Albidress: Berklee College of Music Graduate Comes Home to Teach Voice

Before YACM was YACM, The oldest daughter of the Albidress family, Marianna took piano lessons with founder Wanda Cook, in her home on Windjammer Ct. in Vacaville. Big sister, Marianna learned well, performed beautifully and grew up. In 2005 YACM transitioned to a non-profit organization. Later young young Megan enrolled at YACM. With an inbred talent for music, Megan studied piano and voice. Megan excelled in voice and she earned the coveted role of featured soloist in YACM's annual Black Tie Gala Concert of 2018. Under the direction of vocal instructor, Edward Hallbach III, Megan performed (shown above) "Siete Canciones Populares Espanolas" #1,2,3,5, by Manuel de Falla.

While Megan was away, she continued to support YACM by writing choral A Cappella arrangements for YACM's vocal groups.

We are thrilled to announce that Megan Albdiress is returning to YACM teaching voice. Megan looks forward to giving back to next generation of young artists. Megan has completed her degree in music composition and production from the Berklee College of Music. During the fall of 2022, Megan will teach voice, chorus, and direct music with SYT. Welcome back Megan!

Young Artists Conservatory of Music
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