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Private Lessons

Our immersive CORE-Arts program has earned regional recognition for providing superior music education for young people throughout their course of training. 

  • 30, 45, or 60 Minute Private Lessons

  • 45 or 60 Minute Musicianship or Elective Class

  • Expert Teaching Artists

  • Structured Learning

  • Seasonal Performances 

  • Assessments / Awards

Reserve a Free Safe In-Person Trial Lesson with a YACM Expert Teaching Artist.
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Little Arts

Privates for 4-5 Year olds

Private Instruction for your 4-5 year old prepares them for a childhood of music learning. Piano, Violin, Singing, Percussion, Cello, General Music


Electives and Beginner Classes

Our group classes are small capacity to ensure the safety and the development of your child. 

Join an 8-week music course.  Spring Session begins first week of April.

Piano, Violin, Drums, General Music, Guitar, Percussion, Ukulele

Youth Orchestra, 

A Cappella, & Ensembles

Audition based small ensembles offer the leadership, repertoire and inspiration for intermediate and advanced student musicians to pursue their highest potential. 

Drama, Storytelling, Puppetry 

Musical Productions of Solano Youth Theatre are on hold.  New Language Arts, Drama and Storytelling Class coming soon. 

On Campus Programs

Our Music Matters division brings music education to school.  We partner with school districts, parent groups, donors, and school administrations to provide a music program tailored to the schools needs.  Music education at school has shown to be a powerful engine for academic and social development.  

What our Members are Saying 

"Not only have I seen students improve and succeed but I have also had the joy of watching my own daughter learn and improve herself and her musical talent. It has truly been a blessing and privilege to be a part of YACM and its mission."

– Martin Purtill, Guitar Instructor and Parent

"The staff and instructors at the Conservatory are constantly supportive and kind, they always strive to see our full potential."

– Catie Whittet, Vocal Student

"Thank you for your wonderful programs you offer our children. As a parent, it gives me great pleasure to be able to offer these new experiences to our daughters building confidence and setting them up for success for their futures.

– Deborah Walsh, Parent

"Before I can even get my car in park, [my daughter Lexi] is out the door and in the building... all of the things that YACM gives her has provided her a strength to face the world on her own."

– Victoria Bartels, Parent

"We are here at YACM for the expert instructors. YACM Teaching Artists truly inspire and unlock my child's musical ability." 

– Tom Davies, Parent and Board Member

"My daughter has been with YACM for 10 years. She is a confident musician, actress and vocalist. Her best friends are here and they are great friends." 

–Christine Brockman, Parent and Board Member




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