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Young Artists Conservatory of Music is Celebrating 16 Years of Excellence in the Performing Arts. We sincerely look forward to making music an important part of your child’s life. By providing comprehensive music education, Solano County children learn with expert instructors so they can achieve their highest potential.  As a non-profit organization, every student at YACM receives a tuition subsidy through our grants.

We offer Private Lessons, Group Classes and Frequent Performances

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Very happy with our experience with YACM; our 5-year old son has really taken to the piano within the environment YACM provides….his teacher, Ms. Lany is awesome in the words of my boy and as parents, very happy with the program, structure and communications. Excellent value with the exceptional personal touch to music instruction. 
--Steven Roemhildt 

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  • What is a Music Conservatory?
    A music conservatory is a place that offers an immersive experience for the training in practical music. At YACM, we offer formal training with ensembles, performances, private lessons, and composition for children whose families want them to experience the power of confident musicianship.
  • What is a Formal Training?
    Formal Training in music refers to a comprehensive education program that teaches students correct technique, music theory, ear training, sight-reading, musical notation, composition, confidence in performance, and ensemble experiences utilizing multiple styles of music including classical, jazz, folk, and contemporary music.
  • What Is a “Tuition Subsidy”?
    As a non-profit organization, YACM receives contributed funds which are used to reduce or eliminate the cost of participating in music education programs. Most YACM students receive automatic scholarship funding from $800 annually to 100% funding depending upon the program.
Young Artists Conservatory of Music
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