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Conservatory Training is Celebrated all Over the World as the Most Comprehensive Path to Becoming a Musician.

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Diana's family fled the Ukraine and they are living here in Solano County. They hope to continue Diana's formal conservatory training in-spite of the travesty inflicted on their family. They know that her training as a violinist is an important part of her development and her identity. This is especially true during a time when they are forced to live in a different nation with a different culture and with very little resources. Diana's family visited YACM about a month ago to "audition" for placement. Her father said, "I had a very lucrative career in Ukraine, but now I must find a new job." Most the family speaks very little English, but as Diana was unpacking her violin to play for us, her father translated for her mother who said, "We are sorry, she is not well practiced for the last 2-months, but they have been bombing our city."

Young Artists Conservatory of Music is a non-profit organization, dedicated to ensuring that families who wish to want a place in the classical arts, can do so. Donations are tax-deductible and connect you with your artist and YACM events. We have enrolled Diana and we are looking for Arts Sponsors who wish to donate in support of Diana's YACM Training for a year. Diana is quite advanced and requires no less than 1 hour a week of training by a qualified Teaching Artist, plus admittance to a chamber ensemble and frequent performances. Her Annual Tuition is $4500.00. We currently have nearly half already donated. You are invited to support Diana's development with this transition to the USA and Solano County.

Please donate here in support of Diana from Ukraine. Your generous donation will be gratefully received. We will contact you to acknowledge your donation and provide updates on how you can meet Diana and enjoy YACM events.

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