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Congratulations YACM Performers



Congratulations to all the young artists who performed in the Melody Makers Recital Season 2024. This recital series marks the 29th season of spring recitals for young artist conservatories and music students. Our legacy of empowering young people to reach their best through music lives on in each of the 100+ students who performed so well this weekend. Each performance in the life of a student marks a milestone of learning and confidence. These milestones are embedded in the memories and development of young people as they become aware of their invaluable role in the community and as musicians.

As we close our 29th academic season, we look forward to the possibilities and development of each of our students in our upcoming 30th season. This year, we are working to expand our capacity and faculty, enabling us to offer more services to more families while ensuring quality.

☀️The summer months offer an invaluable opportunity for young students to accelerate their learning and prepare for success in the upcoming academic season. During the summer, children tend to have fewer commitments and more time to practice their music. Often, private instructors provide students with enrichment learning, a jump start on performance repertoire, or help establish new learning patterns and practice regimens. However, this comes with a caution: students have worked hard this year in a complex learning process. The investment in their development was evident in the quality of their performances and their increased confidence at the recitals. Not taking music lessons over the summer can result in a regression of learning, missing the chance to accelerate progress.

💡If you are looking for private lessons and your instructor is unavailable, please consider accepting a different summer instructor. The opportunity to study with another teaching artist is a unique advantage of being part of a music conservatory. Musicians are shaped by a community of teaching artists, masters, and performers who bring a palette of varying perspectives, insights, and motivations to new learners.


As we move into our 30th season, the Young Artists Conservatory of Music is launching an initiative to raise awareness of the value of classical learning and increase participation in quality arts programs to dynamically enhance the emotional well-being of youth. As part of this initiative, YACM will publish key insights, performance measures, educational materials, and research to educate our community about the impact of music education in children's lives. When you see the "Tune Up Youth" heading or logo, you will find helpful information about the YACM vision and how to multiply the positive impact of music education in your family and community.

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