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It's not Talent, It's Skill


Organizational Psychologist, Adam Grant’s book “Hidden Potential” brilliantly exposes what musicians have experienced for eons. “The true measure of your potential is not the height of the peak you’ve reached, but how far you’ve climbed to get there.”

Scientists and sociologists continually publish data about the positive effects of becoming a musician, and yet depression, isolation, suicide, and addiction among youth are at all-time highs. What if we had a solution, a process, an intervention that would “Tune-Up” a child’s emotional health through the development of a particular set of skills?

During my work in music education for 40 years I have had the opportunity to study music pedagogy and fine tune the education of musicianship in thousands of children. In doing so I uncovered the 5 Keys of Development that are intrinsic in developing musicianship and which have a lasting effect in developing emotional and academic success.

· Focus

· Listening Skills

· Resilience

· Teamwork

· Self-Confidence

But how do they work? Today, I use music as a delivery system to intentionally operationalize the implementation of the 5 Keys of Development in youth. By doing so children gain the skills that curate dynamic musicianship while developing the characteristics that transfer into success in other areas of their lives.

I am announcing my Inner Arts Initiative at YACM to address the well-being of youth. The purpose of Inner-Arts is to implement the 5 Keys system through youth music programs in Solano County. The Inner Arts Implementation strategy will increase access to 5 Keys training for educators, increase access for youth participation in 5 Keys empowered music education experiences, and track outcome-based data.

The first step is to create the Inner-Arts Coalition of members who wish to advance a vision that youth can flourish with skills that empower positive social and academic futures and to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive access so every child has access to the positive effects of a 5-Keys Music Program. The participation in the coalition starts with a conversation about our experiences, perspectives, and shared interests in helping children and youth flourish in Solano County. Share your interest in joining the coalition on this form. Sign Up

The Tune Up Youth program is dedicated to enriching the lives of youth with 5-Key Music Programs.Anywhere a performing arts program is accompanied by the Tune Up Youth logo, you will know that participating youth are there to “Grow Musical and Grow Well”.

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