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Why Teach at YACM

A Destination for Experienced Instructors

At YACM, our instructors are supported by a board of directors and staff with 30 years of experience in the administration of music education in Solano County. YACM instructors can enjoy the flexibility of setting their own schedules or fulfilling a program schedule. YACM provides the resources to help grow and manage your roster and student performances. From studio management software to well-equipped studios and performance venues, our mission provides the resources necessary to develop the musical arts in Solano County.

YACM instructors come from all over the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento metropolitan areas because YACM aims to integrate private lessons, musicianship classes and ensemble-based curriculum that instills in our students the collaborative, creative, and critical-thinking skills to succeed in music and life. YACM’s after-school pre-college program is Solano County’s foremost center for the development of excellence in the musical arts.

Some of our faculty are fully or partially funded by grants. As an Artist in Residence, you represent the standard of excellence in musical development in Solano County.

We service a diverse population of families. Our public-school programs bring band, choir and orchestra to schools that benefit from the positive impact of music on campus. Families looking for music as an activity or virtuosic musicianship for their child can match a program and instructor with their level of commitment. Our instructors believe in a “conservatory model” for the development of youth and the arts.

If you are interested in joining YACM as an instructor, contact us at

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