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Giving Families a Place for The Arts

Welcome to YACM’s new website and blog! Our website is new, but YACM isn’t. For 17 years we’ve been giving Solano families a place for the arts. We are a non-profit music education and performing arts organization dedicated to the evidence that qualitative and quantitative music education offers the greatest means of personal, academic, and social development for children today.

Our programs include band, orchestra and choir in public schools, private music lessons and classes, theory and musicianship classes, musical theatre and opera plays and acting, collaborations with professional musicians including the USAF Band of the Golden West, symphony, chamber ensembles, choirs, sectionals, jazz, and rock band.

We want to help Solano families make the arts a core part of the everyday things they see, hear, and do. Whether it’s practicing an instrument, going to music class, showing up for rehearsal, or attending a performance, YACM will aim to maximize your child’s natural enthusiasm for the arts. Our YACM blog will publish lots of information about the power of the arts in the lives of children, so you can help them grow musical and grow well.

At YACM your child has a place to grow up musical.

· Take lessons and classes

· Choose a “major” like piano, voice, cello, trumpet.

· Build a personal repertoire of music

· Rehearse and perform with friends

· Attend performances of other students and guest artists

· Be in a musical

· Be mentored by a gifted Teaching Artist

· Perform with a symphony, chamber ensemble, choir, or band

This blog will help your family make the arts a central part of family life. Learn all about YACM programs, community arts, educational articles, and guest artists. Please come back frequently and comment on our posts. We’d love to see you here.

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